Blog post - 5 tips to level up your candle burning experience with Abboo Candle Co.

5 Tips to Level Up Your Candle Burning Experience.

Light Up Your Life: 5 Tips to Level Up Your Candle Burning Experience.

Gather 'round the cozy, flickering glow of your favorite Abboo Candle - it's time to spill some, dare I say, illuminating secrets on how to elevate your candle burning experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Tip 1: The Wick(ed) Game 🌟

Every candle's secret weapon? Its wick! Choosing not too big, not too small, but just right wick and giving it regular trims is like telling your Abboo Candle, "I appreciate you, darling". Oh, and a dainty 1/4 inch wick? It's the Goldilocks of wick lengths - preventing that dreaded smoky wick and guaranteeing a balanced, even flame. You can use a nifty wick trimmer or a pair of scissors. Now, who's up for a wick ed-venture? 😉

Tip 2: Pool Party, Anyone? 🌊

Why should swimming pools have all the fun? Hosting a tiny pool party at the top of your candle by creating a full melt pool is one way to ensure maximum enjoyment. This simply means letting the pool of melted wax reach the edge of your candle. Say bye-bye tunneling and hello to long-lasting, beautiful candle light. 🕯

Tip 3: Burn, Baby, Burn! (Responsibly, of Course) 🔥

Overzealous with your candle love? We get it, nothing beats the allure of that cozy glow. But remember, even candles love a good cat nap. For an optimal burn, treat your candle to a 3-4 hour stint of glow time. A good rule of thumb, burn for 1 hour for every inch in diameter of the vessel. And always, always keep it away from drafts. Yes, candles can catch a chill too!

Tip 4: Signing off with a Soft Goodnight 🌜

When it's time to douse the flame, a wick dipper (produces less smoke) or a gentle blow, as opposed to a gusty gust, can help maintain your wick's position for the next session. It's the little things that matter, after all!

Tip 5: Stow Away like a Pro 📦

Candle care doesn't stop when the light goes out. It carries on in how you store them when they're not being used. Our tip? Keep them in a cool, dry place - because your candles are basically introverts that shy away from the harsh sun and wild temperature swings. Using a lid or a fancy glass bell jar, or cloche, can also help keep the fragrance fresh and keep their lovely faces dust-free!

Conclusion 🌟

And there we have it, folks—five super easy, game-changing tips to level up your candle burning experience. 

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Until then, stay cozy, friends. Happy candle burning! 🤗🕯💖

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