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The most primitive of our senses, the power of scent can make your space feel welcoming and inviting, promote relaxation or evoke a special memory.

Our clean, simple and cozy candle fragrances are designed to do just that!

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  • cashmere cedarwood  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Cashmere & Cedarwood

    Sweet vanilla and cashmere with a romantic twist of soft petals and cedarwood.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Vanilla, Sugar
    Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Orchid
    Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk

    Best-selling customer favorite!

  • orange peel clove  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Orange Peel & Clove

    Sweet and tangy orange peel expertly fused with spicy clove and cinnamon creates a warm, inviting fragrance.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Orange
    Middle: Cinnamon, Clove
    Base: Sandalwood

    Best-selling customer favorite!

  • leather bay leaf  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Leather & Bay Leaf

    An inviting, familiar leather scent with refreshing citrus, exotic dried florals, and a delicate background of sandalwood, cedar, and warm musk.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Citrus, Leather
    Middle: Dried Floral
    Base: Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk

  • mahogany coconut  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Mahogany & Coconut

    A unique blend of coconut and rich mahogany with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and oakmoss.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Lemon, Lime
    Middle: Coconut
    Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

  • oakmoss amber  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Oakmoss & Amber

    A combination of masculine woody musk and a feminine herbal amber with natural essential oils including sage and orange.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Sage, Orange, Grapefruit
    Middle: Lavender
    Base: Oakmoss, Amber, Tonka Bean

  • ocean air amber  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Ocean Air & Amber

    Ocean air and a hint of plum intertwine with sweet cardamom seed. Creamy vanilla and golden amber come together to complete this fragrance.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Clove Leaf, Plum, Ozone
    Middle: Cardamom
    Base: Vanilla, Amber

  • sandalwood vanilla  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Sandalwood & Vanilla

    An exotic blend of earthy sandalwood, a hint of musk and sweet vanilla bean.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Fruit, Vanilla
    Middle: Hay, Violet
    Base: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

  • Spiced Amber & Cashmere

    An elegant fragrance with powdery top notes followed by sweet vanilla and lavender and finished with an inviting woodsy base of musk, spicy amber, and sandalwood.

    Fragrance Notes:

    Top: Powder, Bergamot
    Middle: Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Lavender, Sugar
    Base: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

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  • butterscotch bourbon  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Butterscotch & Bourbon

    Rich, creamy butterscotch intertwines with the oak barrel-aged notes of bourbon whiskey and sweet vanilla.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Butterscotch
    Middle: Bourbon Whiskey
    Base: Vanilla

    Best-selling customer favorite!

  • caramel cream coffee  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Caramel Cream & Coffee

    A scrumptious and inviting scent of freshly brewed coffee with caramel and vanilla cream.

    Fragrance Notes
    Top: Vanilla Bean, Cream
    Middle: Fresh Coffee
    Base: Caramel, Sugar

  • cinnamon apple peach  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Cinnamon Apple & Peach

    Scrumptious classic pie spices blended with juicy peaches and fresh baked apples.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Cinnamon
    Middle: Peach, Clove
    Base: Apple Pie

  • honeycomb apple  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Honeycomb & Apple

    Lush apple laced with sweet, gooey honey and warm wood tones, finished with a light vanilla and musk.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Apple
    Middle: Honey, Vanilla
    Base: Musk

  • lemon sugar cookie soy candles by Abboo Candle Co

    Lemon & Sugar Cookie

    A delicious blend of tart lemon baked to perfection and topped with a sugary vanilla frosting.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Lemon

    Middle: Citrus Zest
    Base: Vanilla, Sugar

  • mandarin cranberry  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Mandarin & Cranberry

    A zesty blend of sweet mandarins and golden oranges combined with juicy cranberries and plums.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Orange, Mandarin
    Middle: Cranberry, Plum
    Base: Magnolia, Rosewood

  • tobacco caramel  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Tobacco & Caramel

    A hint of orange compliments the tobacco leaf. Warm tones of oak and patchouli create dimension and the caramel balances the earthy tones.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Orange
    Middle: Tobacco Leaf, Lavender, Wood, Patchouli
    Base: Caramel, Vanilla, Musk

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  • exotic citrus sugar soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Exotic Citrus & Sugar

    An exotic sensation of sugary citrus perfectly blended with hints of tropical fruits and driftwood.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Fruit, Grapefruit, Orange
    Middle: Tropical, Foliage, Sugar
    Base: Driftwood, Black Currant

    Best-selling customer favorite!

  • bergamot mahogany  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Bergamot & Mahogany

    Fresh blend of bergamot and mahogany with a hint of musk.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Bergamot
    Middle: Mahogany
    Base: Musk

  • Eucalyptus & Mint

    A soothing blend of green eucalyptus and sweet spearmint.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Spearmint
    Middle: Eucalyptus
    Base: Musk

  • jasmine sandalwood  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Jasmine & Sandalwood

    Delicate jasmine floral notes blended with golden amber, berries and warm sandalwood.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Jasmine, Light Floral
    Middle: Tart Berry
    Base: Sandalwood

  • Juniper Berries & Mint

    Like the smell of your favorite sweater on a cool, crisp morning this fragrance is everything cozy and fresh should be. A perfect combination of cool mints, juniper berry, and hints of oakmoss and musk.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Earthy
    Middle: Sweet Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Juniper Berries
    Bottom: Sage, Musk, Wood, Moss

  • Olive Branch & Citrus

    Bright citrus fruits of lemon and bergamot intertwine with leafy olive branches, softened with musk and sweetened ever so lightly with vanilla.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Lemon, Bergamot
    Middle: Olive Branch
    Base: Musk, Vanilla

  • sunshine grace  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Sunshine & Grace

    An aromatic blend of citrus, fresh marine notes, and fresh flowers.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: blood orange, oceanic, citrus
    Middle: rose, fresh fruit, jasmine
    Base: sea lily, earthy tones

    10% of sales from Sunshine & Grace will be donated annually to Fur the Brand in loving memory of Gracie.

  • sea salt eucalyptus  soy candles and melts by Abboo Candle Co

    Sea Salt & Eucalyptus

    Sea salt wrapped in eucalyptus and freesia with a sprinkle of powder.

    Fragrance Notes:
    Top: Linen
    Middle: Eucalyptus, Sea Salt, Freesia
    Base: Moss, Powder

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  • balsam & cedar

    A dreamy north woods blend of fresh pine and cedarwood finished with sweet balsam.

    Fragrance Notes
    Top: Orange, Raspberry, Plum
    Middle: Lily, Carnation, Hyacinth
    Base: Balsam, Pine, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood

  • Peppermint & Vanilla

    Sweet peppermint sticks with a creamy, rich vanilla foundation.

    Fragrance Notes
    Top: Wintery Mint
    Middle: Peppermint
    Base: Vanilla

  • Pine & Eucalyptus

    A crisp blend of eucalyptus, cypress, and sweet tonka bean infused with fir & pine needle oils.

    Fragrance Notes
    Top: Eucalyptus, Mint
    Middle: Cypress, Pine
    Base: Tonka Bean, Smoke

  • Winter Berries & Mint

    A complex blend of cinnamon, clove, winter berries, icy peppermint and evergreen. It's like walking in a winter wonderland!

    Fragrance Notes
    Top: Holiday Fruits, Clove, Evergreen, Mint
    Middle: Pine, Sugared Berries, Cinnamon
    Base: Vanilla, Musk

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