How to remove soy wax from carpet.

Cleaning soy wax out of your carpet may not be as difficult as you might think, but should be removed as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your carpet.

You will need 3 things:

  1. a spray bottle filled with water
  2. paper towels
  3. an iron (a basic clothing iron will work perfectly)

spray bottle iron papertowel remove wax from carpet Abboo Candle

Follow these 3 steps, repeating as needed until all of the soy wax has been removed from your carpet:

  1. Tear of several sheets of the paper towel and spray with water until damp
  2. Place the damp paper towel sheets on top of the wax spill(s)
  3. Using a low setting on your iron (just warm enough to heat up the wax), gently place the warm iron on top of the damp paper towels

Abboo Candle remove wax from carpet

As the wax becomes liquid it will be absorbed by the paper towel. 

You can also use a brown paper bag and an iron. Follow the same steps except you won't use the spray bottle of water. Be sure that the paper bag does not have any print on it or that may get transferred to your carpet and create a whole new mess to clean up.

If you tried either method, did it work for you or do you have any additional tips to share?

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