Lemon Decor for Your Home

Alli from Handmade Hoosier is sharing 6 of her favorite lemon decor pieces to bring a little bit of this summer classic into your home. 

Nothing says summer quite like a lemon - the fresh smell, bright color, and tart taste. Growing up, my mom used to make lemon cookies that screamed summer. They were buttery with a tart lemon glaze and I'm almost drooling right now thinking about them. Needless to say, I've been a fan of all things lemon for a while now. So this lemon trend in home decor? I am HERE FOR IT! 
If you're looking to do a little decor refresh for summer, I've rounded up a few of my favorite lemon decor pieces for you to check out. 
4 // Lemon Tree
What do you think? Will you be decorating with lemons this summer? 
PS - If you have a daughter, might I suggest this adorable lemon swimsuit? I can hardly wait to get my little lady into it this summer! 
Written by Alli Comoglio of Handmade Hoosier

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