It takes a village, or maybe a county!

Often times you'll hear someone say "it takes a village". I feel like launching and operating this little candle business takes an entire county! I am overwhelmed by the amount of support, encouragement and guidance I've received! I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to a few very special people. Your time, efforts and assistance have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated!

My husband, Evan. Thank you for all-the-things! For supporting my crazy idea to start a candle business, to driving out to Ohio or making a pit stop while traveling to North Carolina for supplies and helping me with the numbers side of things. Thank you for believing in me and listening to me debate about what kind of wax to use. Thank you for not getting angry when yet another package shows up on our front porch. I love you and appreciate your support more than you'll ever know! 

My brother, Jimmy. Thank you for recreating every single label for every single size and scent on a ridiculously short timeline! Thank you for offering suggestions and honest opinions on logos, designs, colors, website layout and everything in between. You're the best baby brother a girl could ask for! 

My sister in law, Bryana. Thank you for the countless hours you spent reviewing every little detail on the website and offering suggestions that made it a million times better and proof reading everything including the boring legal stuff! Your creative insight has really helped to make it so much more awesome and I'm so lucky to have such a talented, creative and beautiful (both inside and out) sister in law! 

My friend, Robin. Thank you for the hours you spent taking photos for the website and social media posts. And for being far more prepared with props than I was. I appreciate you and you did an excellent job! 

My friend, Jeremiah. Thank you for taking the time to review the website and offer amazing suggestions to improve it. I appreciate your honesty and feedback! It's not often you find friends that aren't afraid to really give it to you straight and I am blessed to have a friend like that in you! 

My amazing friends Matt, Jill, Jennifer, Christi, Connie, Sherry, Penny, and Andrew. Thank you for the countless hours of back and forth about "would you buy this" or "does this look OK" and "which lid should I use". No matter how small the detail may have seemed your feedback helped so much. And thank you for being testers and giving me your honest feedback on the candles. 

Thank you to everyone who has shared our page, engaged with us and made a purchase with us! Thank you for supporting this small business of mine and for being such amazing people! I appreciate and love each one of you! 

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