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We were honored to be one of the five local candle companies featured in Amy Bartner's article for Indy Maven. 

You can check out the full article here - Five Locally Crafted Candles You Need Right Now

Abboo Candle Co

Abboo Candle Co

Okay, so Abboo Candle Co.’s candles aren’t made in Indianapolis, but this Fortville, Ind.-based candle company isn’t that far away and their uniquely scented soy candles make them a must for this list. With interesting fragrance combinations like “tobacco and caramel” and “black pepper and bergamot,” your house will instantly smell slightly more sophisticated than it did before you lit one of these.

Where to find them: At or various nearby markets.

What makes them unique: This three-year-old shop donates a portion of each sale from its “sunshine and grace” candle to dog shelters and rescues in honor of the owner’s dog, who died of cancer in 2018.

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