How to Style Wood Bead Garland

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We're sharing 5 easy ways to use wood bead garland (or farmhouse beads) in your decor. Thank you to our friend Kelsey at Ever Grace Designs for sharing some of her favorites with us! Check out her Etsy shop to purchase your own farmhouse beads and wood decor pieces.

Spruce up vignette with farmhouse beads

We used a longer wood bead garland strand to add color and texture to this vignette. Featured products: Abboo Candle Co soy candle, Ever Grace Designs wood bead garland and Clay Plant Road tumbler.


Add wood bead garland to tee pee

Use a longer wood bead garland strand to tie around the top of a tee-pee to make it look like it's holding it together. Photo courtesy of Ever Grace Designs


Wood bead garland napkin ring

Shorter looped wood bead garland can be used as a napkin ring to add a natural element and dimensional look to your place setting. Photo courtesy of Ever Grace Designs


Wood bead garland on vase

Longer looped wood bead garland in blush pink is draped over the vase to bring a pop of color and create interest without obstructing the simplicity of the vase. Photo courtesy of Ever Grace Designs


Wood bead garland on tiered tray

A shorter wood bead garland strand is entwined with greenery to fill in this tiered tray display. The smooth wood beads are a nice contrast to the metal tray. Photo courtesy of Ever Grace Designs


And our favorite, using the wood bead garland as an accent to your favorite Abboo Candle! You can use a looped garland or wrap a strand around the base of the candle to add color and texture. 

Abboo Candle 3 wick soy candle with wood bead garland


How else would you use wood bead garland? We would love to hear your ideas!

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