Cheers to three years!


Three years ago today I removed the password on a website I spent the previous month building. I made public a product I spent almost the entire previous year attempting to perfect (spoiler, it wasn't HA). Three years ago today people who don't share DNA with me purchased candles from that website. Candles that I made. And three years later many of them are still purchasing candles that I make. 🙃

Three years ago today I launched a business with the intention of keeping my mind busy as I navigated being a SAHM.

Three years later I have a legit business - trademark pending and everything. 😃 A business that still allows me to be a SAHM while putting money into a Roth IRA. A business that has challenged me, taught me so many transferrable skills, gave me something to feel like a contributor to my family while still caring for them and gives me an immense sense of pride. A business that has led me to meet so many amazing people & make new friends.

If you've been here three years or three minutes, THANK YOU! Thank you for every purchase. Every like. Every comment. Every share. THANK YOU for the last three years and cheers to the future! 🥂

Heart filled,



Michelle Schreiber Owner Founder Abboo Candle Co

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