Repurpose 3 Wick Jars

We've put together 5 easy ways to repurpose your 3 wick candle jars in your home once you have finished burning your candle. You can easily clean out the jar with dish soap and warm water once you remove the wax and wick. 


1 - Use your jar as a flower vase. It works really well with flowers that have shorter stems and fuller blooms. 

Repurpose 3 wick candle jar as a flower vase



2 - Our 3 wick jars are the perfect size for storing (or displaying) cotton swabs, cotton balls, and cotton rounds. It's pretty enough that you won't feel like you need to hide it in a cabinet and it is super easy to see when you're getting low and need to pick up more. 

Repurpose 3 wick candle jar to hold cotton swabs



3 - Our jars are great for storing all of your hair accessories. You can fit a bunch of hair ties, clips, bobby pins, barrettes, and stretchy headbands in a jar and it's easy to find what you want.

Repourpose 3 wick candle jar to organize hair ties, clips and accessories



4 - A place to store all of those random little things on your desk or in the drawer. Our 3 wick jars are great for keeping your desk organized and things like paperclips, flash drives, SD cards, staple removers, etc handy. 

Repourpose 3 wick candle jar to hold miscellaneous small office supplies like paperclips, binder clips, erasers, flash drives and SD cards.



5 - Are you a pen fanatic too? Our 3 wick candle jars look pretty sitting on your desk or countertop and are large enough to hold all of your colored pens, markers, or pencils while keeping them easily accessible for when you need one.

Repourpose 3 wick candle jar to hold pens, pencils and markers on your desk


What other ways can you think of to use your 3 wick candle jars?

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